Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with 2009 and in with 2010!

Its hard to believe but this year is finished and we are about to enter 2010. This new year is starting to look even brighter then this past year, I'm really excited about it.

I'll be taking a very very very long awaited vacation in January which I'll talk about later. And then I'll be bu$$ting my a$$ doing freelance work so I can make it to a couple of conventions this year. I'll talk more about that later too.

Thanks to those of you who continue to take interest in my work. I want to take it to the next level for this new year so please stay tuned. By the way I decided not to submit my comic to the contest that I was talking about before due to time constraints. It just wasn't going to happen because I had so much other stuff going on. That doesn't mean that I will not submit for next year and that doesn't mean that I still will not illustrate the comic so I can have a published comic to put on the table at comic cons for 2010. I have the script written out so I'll just need to illustrate it so I want to have it ready for the conventions for 2010 and I would also like to create a sketch book.

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year. As for me, I'm off to church to celebrate the new year. Take care!


Monday, December 21, 2009

ZVC & Moonstone Return Cards on Ebay

Hi ^^ I have 5 Artist Return Cards on Ebay from the Zombies Vs Cheerleaders and Moonstone Card Sets. I'm accepting commissions for the 3 Zombies Vs Cheerleaders cards, I only did 9 cards for this set and 25 cards for moonstone. The auctions end in 5 days:

Still working on my comic, in the layout stages still. I only have a couple more days to finish in time for the contest. Lets see what happens, weather I can finish in time or not. This month has been a super busy month. So Tired...anyways happy Early Christmas!


Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hiya ^^

Super late post again, sorry (-_-)
I'm pretty sure by January I'll be able to start posting everyday again since the comic contest will be over by then.

I'm currently working on my 12 page comic submission for:

So its eating alot of time and don't have alot of time to complete it since its due 12/31/09 (>_<)

This story will be featuring my raccoon character. I had to switch my original story due to time constraints. I'll upload the comic pages as I complete them.

Cyber Monday went very very very well. Thanks for those who participated. I sold pretty much everything. Alright I'm going to get back to writing my script for the comic contest. Having a hard time focusing.... I think I need a vacation.... (-_-)

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