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***New Question & Answer added 09/08/09

So I've been getting alot of random questions ranging from: "How was your experience at the Joe Kubert School of Art" to "How do you sell you art work online" etc. etc. etc.

It was suggested to me that I should just make a faq (Frequently Asked Questions) so everyone can refer to before asking me questions. I don't mind helping out others but I felt it would be easier to post most frequently asked questions and answers here.

This will be chalk full of very useful information for artist and will contain links. I'll update periodically when I think of anything new. I'm going to post this blog post under my "about me" section on the left side of this blog for easy access. So on to the FAQ:

*How was your experience at the Joe Kubert School?:

The Joe Kubert School was pretty good in my opinion. I learned sequential art pretty well but as far as other aspects of the school goes they were pretty behind in the times. There is 10 classes that you have to take and you must complete all the assignments. So the workload is pretty demanding as in the real art world. Tution is pretty expensive too. These are all just my opinions. Feel free to get other past kubert students feedback. Overall I did learn alot from kubert school because I came there without knowing anything at all about drawing comics.

*How do you get people to see your work?:

Put yourself out there. Go to art shows, galleries, conventions, network with all types of artist online and in your community. Upload artwork everyday weather its to your blog, website, or deviantart.

*How do you get Commissions and sell you art work?:

Very similar to the previous question. You have to put yourself out there and upload art everyday so you make a presence online and in your community. Here are some links you may find useful for networking with other artist, receiving critiques, and possibly getting work online-

*Where do you buy your blank sketch cards from?:

*How do you get into the sketch card bussiness? (this is a blog link from a previous post with very extensive information and links):

*How do you color your art and what materials do you use? (this ia a blog link from a previous post with very extensive step by step tutorial)

*How do you deal with constructive criticism that isn't so constructive?: (this is a blog link from a previous post with very extensive information)

*Do you ever get discouraged from drawing? Do you ever feel like you picked the wrong career choice?

Yes, actually quite frequently latley to be honest. This is why I feel its important to surround ourselves with other artist and postive people in general so we can encourage each other.

*Where do you get inspiration to draw?

I look at various types of art work to get ideas and tips on approving my own art. Talking to other artist and jotting down notes. Simply looking through magazines, newspapers, or observing your enviorment can give you different ideas for new art work. Traveling is good to, step out of the box and observe the enviorment of different states or countries. Your sure to get tons of ideas. Be sure to jot them down on paper or sketch them out in a sketch book.

*How do I improve my art work & get people to see my art? (this is a blog link from a previous post with very extensive information)

***Ok I think thats all I got for now. I will be updating periodically if I think of anything else. Thanks for stopping by.

p.s. The above image is the full color version of the Micahel Monroe sketch card I've been working on. Please refer to previous posts for my sketch card process.

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