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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rest in Peace Pat Carlucci

Its weird, you don't really think about the fact that you can die at any time and then it happens. I don't recall meeting Pat Carlucci. I went to Baltimore Comic Con last year and I believe he was there. I may have stopped by his table or maybe even said hi. Back then I would have never imagined that this artist would die several month later. It makes me sad that so many artist are dieing lately, year by year. It doesn't seem like he is dead though because of all of the great art work he has left behind....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking a Break

These are some of my sketch cards from the upcoming Essence of Fairyland Card set with Make sure to reserve your set there.

I finished up the 1st batch of commissions. You can view the work and progress at my gallery:

I'm about 95% sure that I will be taking a break from sketch cards at least for a couple of months. I love drawing sketch cards and have been able to get onto several professional gigs with them so I'm very thankful. I've been drawing sketch cards since 2006 and working on professional card sets since 2008. I'm currently working on P'ups with 5finity. So that will be the last set for a while. As I mentioned, I love drawing sketch cards but I find myself getting a little burned out and feel like its time for a break in addition I would like to work on some sequential work and by not taking on any sketch card sets for a little bit that will free up time to get back to work on sequential since I haven't done any in almost a year. If I want to be a comic book artist I'll have to draw more sequential. So I'll be back to doing sketch card sets in a couple months. I may do some psc (personal sketch cards) for fun in my free time though.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Caught a cold....

Be back with updates soon....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Commissions are Open!


*****Update: Auctions ending in 24 hours ($9 sketches, $10 sketch cards, and much more):

Commissions (A few slots are still open)-

Gathering funds together for upcoming conventions this year so I can participate in Artist Alley. You can view Sample work and Rates here:

There are prices for every budget. Please send me a note or email if your interested in a commission.

I'm knocking out current commissions as we speak, here is the list so far:

1) Legends & Lore AP (Robin Hood/ Maid Marion)- In progress, rough sketch so far.

2) Harley Quinn & Joker Psc- In progress, rough sketch so far.

3) Jedi Leia Quick Sketch- In progress, rough sketch so far.

4) Mara Jade Quick Sketch- In progress, rough sketch so far.

5) Bayoneeta Color Sketch- Working on coloring it.

6) Portrait Color Sketch- In progress, rough sketch so far.

7) Mothra Color Sketch- In progress, rough sketch so far.

8) Secretary Quick Sketch- In progress, rough sketch so far.

9) Original Character psc- In progress, rough sketch so far.

10) Phantom Lady Quick Sketch- In progress, rough sketch so far.

11) Psylocke Quick Sketch- In progress, rough sketch so far.

12) Jubilee Quick Sketch- In progress, rough sketch so far.

13) Psylocke Color sketch- In progress

14) Scarlet Witch Quick Sketch- In progress

15) Kabuki Psc- In progress

16) Pirate Mermaid Color Sketch- In progress

17) Poison Ivy Quick Sketch- In progress

18) Zatanna Quick Sketch- In progress

19) Original Character Psc- In progress







Tuesday, March 9, 2010

27 . . .

.....Thats how old I'll be in 1 day. Don't really have anything planned for my birthday, probably spend time with my folks. Sorry that I have not been consistent with posting. I've been pulling some all nighters to get some sketches for sale done as well as knocking out some commissions. Been working super hard because convention season is coming up very very very soon which means I'll need a good amount of cash to get to the cons. I have some bigger projects in the works. Please bare with me ^^

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Voltron Artist Exclusive Card

I now have my 1 and only Voltron Artist Exclusive for sale. I only drew a very limited number of cards for this set. Asking $40 with shipping included. Please send me a email if your interested

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aayla Secura Sketch 030310

A quick sketch featuring Aayla Secura. By the way I finished up all 35 Essence of Fairyland Cards recently. I'll be posting them soon.

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