Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking a Break

These are some of my sketch cards from the upcoming Essence of Fairyland Card set with Make sure to reserve your set there.

I finished up the 1st batch of commissions. You can view the work and progress at my gallery:

I'm about 95% sure that I will be taking a break from sketch cards at least for a couple of months. I love drawing sketch cards and have been able to get onto several professional gigs with them so I'm very thankful. I've been drawing sketch cards since 2006 and working on professional card sets since 2008. I'm currently working on P'ups with 5finity. So that will be the last set for a while. As I mentioned, I love drawing sketch cards but I find myself getting a little burned out and feel like its time for a break in addition I would like to work on some sequential work and by not taking on any sketch card sets for a little bit that will free up time to get back to work on sequential since I haven't done any in almost a year. If I want to be a comic book artist I'll have to draw more sequential. So I'll be back to doing sketch card sets in a couple months. I may do some psc (personal sketch cards) for fun in my free time though.


  1. i always wondered about limitations imposed by card companies ... like could u do sequentials using sketch cards - sorta like how Defiant comics did the Plasm comic awhile back (the cards were drawn so that upon laying out formed a story)

  2. I'm not sure about the restrictions but I have seen some artist do sequential sketch cards. Looks like fun.



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