Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey guys, before I post about my trip to Japan I wanted to know if there was anything you wanted to know about the art field or sketch card field. I'm running out of ideas as to what to talk about. I'll try to answer you questions to the best of my ability. If nothing else I'll work really hard to at least post new art work I'm working on here on my blog as much as possible.

Back from Japan:

So I've been back in the states now for about a week. I had a ton of fun in Japan and did everything from visiting my old home town of Zushi, to meeting friends in Yokohama and Tokyo as well as eating all kinds of great Japanese foods. Checked out the Nissan Museum in Yokohama where they have some awesome futuristic cars there and I met up with some friends. I took a ton of Purikura (mini photo stickers) with my friends. Its my favorite thing to do in Japan. Did a bunch of shopping in Shibuya and Akihabara. Shibuya is crazy crowded, infact it was overwhelming. I had to hold onto my friends arm so I didn't get lost. My host family was so great and my friend nana was a great host, we were able to do something just about everyday. I even learned how to do Cuban dancing and eat traditional Cuban food in Japan. So anyways I had a great time in Japan being that it was my 4th time there. I recommend those of you who have not been there to check it out. The only thing that had me sour was the dollar to yen exchange rate. The dollar sucks alot now. I immediately lost about $50.00 when I transferred dollars to yen which was really bad because I didn't bring alot of money. Unfortunately I did not draw at all while I was there, taking a break I guess. I uploaded some photos on deviant art so you can check them out if you want. I uploaded even more photos to facebook so if you want to check them out then click on the link below and add me. I'm still waiting on several more pictures from my friends so I'll upload more photos once I receive them.

My facebook Page (you can add me if you want):

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Since being back in the states I finished up some cards that I have been drawing for the upcoming Voltron card set on Feb. 15th. I'll upload a preview card once I get approval. I'm also working on the Essence of Fairyland card set with so you can stay tuned for those. Other then that I have a couple of art swaps to catch up on. I would like to make it to a couple of conventions this year but I'll need alot of cash to do so so if you would like to commission me for work then please let me know. I have 10 Legends and Lore artist proof cards available for commissions, send me a note if your interested.

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