Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back from Heroes Con

******Returned from Heroes Con yesterday. Had alot of fun meeting all the con-goers and artists. Ended up doing a couple a art trades and commissions. Uploaded most of the pictures to my gallery. Thanks to those of you who stopped by my table :) For now here are some awesome cosplay photos. Please download for full view.

From left to right: Dazzler, cloak and dagger, ghost, green lantern and captain america, harley quinn and joker, rogue, zatanna, alice in wonderland, zatanna and black canary, red skull, catwoman, iron man, dazzler and black panther, red skull, scarecrow, bullseye and silver sable


  1. Hey! I was the Zatanna and the Dazzler at HeroesCon :) Is there any chance that you have these images hosted individually? I would very much like to have copies :)

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