Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back On Track

Ok, so I finished up the 56 Dean Yeagle Mandy Cards. I'll post those once I get approval. This set will be available for sale On November 15th through:

Next up I have about 5 more commissions to complete. If your interested in a Commission please send me a message:

I'll also be working on 3 new card sets very soon including: Zombies vs Cheerleaders, Moonstone (characters based on moonstone comic books), and Essence of Fairy Land.

I'm pretty much caught up for the time being so I should be able to post daily blogs again so please keep a look out.

I have a couple of Ebay Buy it now listings for Original art, please check them out, they end in 1.5 days:

I finished up about 10 commissions in the last week, You can check them out below. You can see better views of my art work in my gallery:

Thanks for stopping by.

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