Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making Stuff....

Sorry guys, I know I said I was going back to posting everyday but I've been working on multiple card sets lately. Currently working on 2 card sets now. I really do enjoy doing them and its great exposure but they do eat up alot of time but these will be my last 2 sets of the year. For next year I'll probably take on less card sets so I can work on personal projects. I should be done with these 2 card sets by the end of this week so then I can get back on track.

Anyways I started getting some goods made through some vendors of my art work featured on various items such as mugs, buttons, and purses.

I hope to get some more goods made soon. Its really nice to see your art work in 3 dimensional form. These goods are for sale so you contact me directly or purchase them from ebay:

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