Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 down many more 2 go

So I finally got one done but I stayed up to 6am getting it done O_0 so tired.... still have some other art works to complete and still need to make $360 in 8 days so I can have a successful trip to Baltimore comic con on oct. 10-11. I was planning on taking this piece to Baltimore comic con but since I'm still short on funds it is up for grabs so please send me a message if your interested. Thanks. Many more to come.


  1. My eyes be deceiving me, but I think you've stepped up your game! Is this because Baltimore Comic-con is almost upon us, Ms. Leak? =) 5/5.

  2. lol, thanks I'm glad you like it ^^
    I've been working really hard everyday trying to produce different material. I wanted some new art to take with me to Baltimore Comic Con plus after the convention I will be working on my own short story comic ^^ stay tuned.



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