Monday, September 7, 2009

How do I improve my art work & get people to see my art?

How do I improve my art work & get people to see my art?

This is another question I get asked often. I will post a link to this in the faq as well so you can refer too.

Basically as far as getting better with your drawing skills your going to want to be drawing everyday. It does sound easier said then done but it requires alot of discipline. If you have somewhere online to upload your art you should be uploading something at least once a day if not more. This will drive traffic to your art. Try to draw a variety of things. This is something I have to work on personally. Drawing from life is best but magazines could work too. Check out other peoples art and get tips and ideas from them, don't swipe images of course. Try drawing everyday for 30 days at least. You'll see a huge improvement. There is several places online to get people to see your work. I posted a couple links in the FAQ, you can also do a internet search to find more. Also try going to art shows, galleries, and conventions. I hope this was helpful (^-^)


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