Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baltimore Comic Con

So as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I will be at Baltimore Comic Con in artist alley with my friend Arie Monroe. Its our first time there, I'm really excited about it. If your going to the con please stop by and say Hi (^_^) If your interested in a commission prior to the con to pick up at the con then we can arrange that. You can send me a email here:

Still trying to get funds together to make it to the convention as well as make new art, its so overwhelming. 6_6

Here is what I'm trying to accomplish within the next 4 weeks before the convention:

1) Take private commissions to raise the remaining funds needed for the con. Still need about $500 (-_-)

2) Create New artworks for the con.

3) Create a New business card.

4) Create and submit new art work for the Marla Brea Breast Cancer Charity--- ^_^ Glad I can help.

5) Get started on the latest official card set I'm working on: Dean Yeagle's Mandy

----Sounds like a lot right? (-_-) I wish I had super speed or there was more hours in the day. Well lets see how much of these I can get accomplished....



  1. I really like this one. Very cool. Good luck with all that busy-ness.

  2. Thanks! I will do my best (^_^)



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