Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bussiness Card Finished ^_^

Final finished my business card. Took me a entire day to complete. I was original going to do full color but I have not used photoshop in 8 months and forgot how to do everything, plus my skills are lacking, I'm on a time crunch and my characters are primarily greyscale anyways so I decided to color them in greyscale rather then full color. Hope you like. I'm planning on sending these off today to get printed. I hope they turn out ok. I will be taking these with me to Baltimore Comic Con ^_^


  1. I think this is very nice. Good work. An interesting take on the Reaper too. :)

  2. very nice ... and remember to have a pal proofread the text and that u include all the relevant info

  3. Thanks ^_^ I already sent it to the printer. I proofread everything so I think it should be ok.



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