Monday, September 21, 2009

(>_<) ....................

Current State of mind.....annoyed.

Warning: This is a rant, beware....

So I thought I would have my business card done by now but it still isn't done and the convention is nearly 2 weeks away and I also need to get new art works done by then so I can take them with me to the convention.... The reason why I'm not done with these things is because I'm writing Psyche Papers for a college course. The funny thing is that I'm not in college. I graduated art school last year and a big factor of me going to this type of art school is that I did not need to take core classes like Psyche (I have a short attention span, seriously).

I'm practically taking my mother's Psyche college course, according to her I write papers very well and fast. I feel like I'm in school with her, seriously. She is paying me on the side but you can't buy your time back you know. I'm trying to be nice because she is about 6 months away from getting her bachelor's degree which she needs to start up her own nutrition business. She works 2 jobs and goes to school full time so I know she is struggling so I did not mind helping her out but I am starting to get annoyed at this point. I know absolutely nothing about Psyche. I'm basically reading these long a$$ articles that make absolutely no sense about all these psychologist and writing about them within an hour of reading these ridiculously long and wordy articles. Its so frustrating especially when I have things that I want to get done such as several art jobs and getting ready for Baltimore comic con.

So I'm sitting here listening to some super heavy metal music by Darkest Hour which I don't usually listen to unless I'm really pissed off. I'm about to read, study, and write a 4 page long b.s. paper about Darwin and "Natural Selection" (>_<) (>_<) (>_<) Sigh....hopefully this will be over soon....


  1. oh my, listen to happy music! never angry music : )

  2. lol, yeah I usually listen to happy music but for now I'm super stressed (-_-)



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