Monday, August 24, 2009

Putting things in Perspective

So you know that saying that tv rots your brain or whatever? I suppose that is true in some cases if your not learning anything from what your watching. With pretty much all the programs I watch it puts different things into perspective for me so I don't feel like it necessarily rots my brain or anything. I tend to watch a couple dramas a week not alot of them but some. Usually the themes in the drama may have themes of abusive household, handicap individuals, homelessness, and more. When I think about it these things happen all the time to people around us and even people we don't know. It makes me extremley grateful to God that I don't have to go through such things that people everyday have to go through. I'm thankful that I can walk and see the many beautiful things around me and I have a roof over my head. I know sometimes we take things for granted and do not realize our true potential until its too late. For these reasons I feel like if we have a talent such as drawing or music, etc. then we should use it to out best potential and work really hard. I know sometimes we have bad days but if we can at least get up and try again then thats all that matters. This was just something I was thinking about recently after watching a Japanese drama called "Beautiful Life." The main character was a female who was wheelchair stricken. Even though she had this obstacle she was really positive and happy. I kept thinking to myself while watching this show was "she must have a tough time with just simple things like going to the movies or going to a restaurant, etc." So thats why I started to think about the theme "Putting things in Perspective."



  1. (sigh) You're totally right, lass. I've been writing for nearly 6 years and I still have bad days, those days that make you think you're no good at what you're doing and make you wanna brush it off and deceive you into think you must go out there and do something else. One must get up, look back and see that you've really improved, no matter what you've thought of it. You've improved.

    At least that's the way I see it, and it's probably the thing that keeps me chained to my keyboard writing nonsense. Hah.

    P.s Great post. Are these "putting things in perspective" going to be a series, or what?

  2. Hi :)

    Thanks for the comment, I'm glad that you can relate to it. So can I. This was just something that was on my mind recently. If you enjoy this "putting things in perspective" post I'll try to post more, its usually what ever comes to mind you know. Do you have suggestions for future posts? Let me know what you think. Thanks again.



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