Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick Sketch

So it was like 4:30 am this morning and I was sketching a little bit. I probably should have been in bed at that time but I felt guilty because I had not drawn at all the previous day. I've seen other artist doing quick sketches on colored paper and decided to give it a shot. Sometimes its nice to draw quick art or any quick artistic thing for that matter. Blackcat is above and Storm is Below. I had some Scrapbook paper lying around (no, I don't do scrap booking. I use it for drawing on.) I did these quick sketches with pencils, markers, and pastels. Enjoy.



  1. By: Neue Ziel AKA Monkey03 (Twitter)

    Holy moly! Do those superwomen look amazing. Nicely done back there, how much did it take? up to 10 or 15 minutes?

  2. It actually took about 20 mins each. I wanted them to be 10 mins each but there was alot of white area to cover and then I added a little bit of color.

  3. I don't even want to know the amount of time, sweat, blood and tears it takes for you artists to complete a page (and that's something to happens to us writers as well). I mean, talking comics-wise, with a script to follow and all. Ahhh the wonders of art. The good thing is, it's really rewarding.

  4. Yes I don't think some people understand how mentally and physically draining art or any craft for that matter can be. It is very rewarding but sometimes I feel burned out, I'm sure you can relate to with your writing.

  5. There are days in which I wanna delete all that I've written and throw my PC outta the window. But then, it's just a temporary feeling. But I'm working on it, not to succumb to sudden outbursts of rage and do something stupid that I'm sure as hell gonna regret.

    As for the burnout, there's practically nothing one can do. We have to deal with a bit of stress all the while. Unless, there's a spa next to your house, where you can go relax 3 times a week. Hahah.

    P.S Peace.

  6. Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. I feel the same way sometimes. Sometimes I ask myself if I picked the right profession. I mean I really enjoy drawing and stuff but as far as supporting yourself with your craft it sometimes become difficult financially. Things should get better in time. I would love to go to a spa. Well I'm going to a convention in October and I'm sure the hotel will have a spa so I'm defiantly going to take advantage of it. (^-^) Can't wait!



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